Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good game, God

From what I see, it seems that God has a particular interest in team sports. I would think that God would favor sports like luge, where the participants seem to need him more. But based on the behavior of the players, God seems to favor football and basketball especially. I wonder if God enjoys the game, or does knowing how it turns out ruin it for him?

Maybe God has a divine version of Tivo. He Tivo's his foreknowledge, so that he can actually be surprised while he's watching the game. If he's watching in divine Tivo time, then does he hear the prayers related to the outcome of the game. If he answers the prayers, does it spoil his surprise?

Does God follow all the teams, or just a few favorites? The Dallas Cowboys of course. And the Lakers. Can't forget the Saints and the Angels. I guess it's pretty clear how he's felt about the Raiders lately, but did he always feel that way?

When I see the Monday morning sports section, I always wonder, did God have a good weekend?

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